„fuchs und gretl" – price: for Rice! Not exactly >> here are our TRAVEL PRICES

Once upon a time...

there was a Fuchs and a Gretl who lived in a beautiful house. The house was so beautiful, that OTHERS – even coming from afar – wanted to sleep just there. "fuchs und gretl", guest friendly as they are, opened their doors >> COME IN a stranger and become a friend.

Hm, and what does this holiday cost at "fuchs und gretl"? Initially nothing – not even much effort. The first step is to write to us or call us – that's free, just costs a bit of time. We'll then send you your individual holiday offer and you can take your time and think about it, and then puzzle about it and plan and eventually decide that this MUST be exactly YOUR holiday.

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Included & extremely cool

And what is included in a holiday with "fuchs und gretl"? Depends on the season and your wishes! In the summer you get the JOKER CARD included, so you can take advantage of a large selection of activities in and around Saalbach for free or at a discount. Both in summer and winter, you can benefit from the perfect location (only a few minutes’ walk to the centre and to the nearest lifts). Well, what more do you want on holiday in Austria?! Breakfast. Of course – breakfast is naturally included as well! And finally the sauna, the yoga platform with a view over the roofs of Saalbach and the cosy summer outdoor lounge with self – service cooler need to be mentioned.

A winter holiday at "fuchs und gretl" – services included

  • Superfood breakfast with guaranteed energy boost
  • Sauna and yoga platform to warm up and relax after adventures on the mountain
  • Parking right in front of the building
  • Perfect location – 100 m to the centre of Saalbach – with restaurants, shops and cafés.
  • Only a few minutes’ walk to the nearest lifts (Bernkogelbahn or Kohlmaisbahn) and direct access to the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn with 270 km of ski slopes and 70 lifts.
  • Only a few minutes’ walk to the nearest shops with RENTAL possibilities
  • Reside in the individually styled rooms at "fuchs und gretl" in the Oberdorf district in Saalbach

Happy people on the road


Summer vacation at "fuchs und gretl" – services included

  • Super Food Breakfast with guaranteed energy boost
  • JOKER CARD – free or discounted use of the most casual attractions in the valley and on the mountain
  • Parking lot directly in front of the house
  • Sauna, yoga platform and cosy outdoor lounge with self service cooler to relax after your adventures on the mountain
  • Perfect location – 100 m to the center of Saalbach – with restaurants, stores and cafes
  • Only a few minutes walk to the next lifts (Schattberg X-Press and Kohlmaisbahn)
  • Direct access to the BIKERSparadise – 400 km of bike trails
  • Direct access to the HIKERSparadise – 400 km of hiking trails
  • Short distances to the most popular family offers
  • And much more.
Fuchs Gang
der fuchs und die gang der fuchsbau das fuchshaus fuchs und gretl
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der fuchs und die gang

  • Appartements | Rooms | Chalet Saalbach & Viehhofen everything YOUR heart desires
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der fuchsbau

  • 7 Appartments
  • 2 - 12 persons
  • Appartements Saalbach
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das fuchshaus

  • 1 Chalet
  • 4 - 20 persons
  • Chalet Viehhofen
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fuchs und gretl

  • 13 Zimmer
  • 1 - 4 persons
  • Rooms Saalbach