"fuchs und gretl“ – the bed and breakfast with that SPECIAL something

Once upon a time ... there was a fuchs and a gretl who really loved to break a sweat. Whether in the Finnish sauna or during energy yoga over the roofs of Saalbach.

"fuchs und gretl" value individuality, convivial modern life and authenticity. In addition to the perfect location – the house is located in the direct vicinity to the coolest summer hotspots and the centre of Saalbach – a Finnish sauna, a yoga platform in the lofty heights and a summer outdoor lounge to SPEND QUALITY TIME await you. The charming atmosphere offers the perfect setting for new encounters and great discussions with people from all over the world and offers space for resting your tired muscles after active mountain adventures.

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A little wellness heaven in the “fuchs und gretl” in Saalbach Hinterglemm

Yes, Fuchs and Gretl love a little wellnessing. They like it hot! In the Finnish sauna you can really break a sweat and then sit in your bathrobe on the yoga platform with a view over the roofs of Saalbach, of what is awaiting YOU on YOUR holiday. If the climb up the millions of stairs – to get to the first upper floor, just to emphasize again – is too much of an effort, flop down in our summer outdoor lounge with self-service cooler and enjoy a cool drink, rest your legs and let your spirit soar.

Yoga with Lola

We've got someone very special in the team for the real yogis among YOU, namely, LOLA. She studied to be a yoga instructor in the homeland of yoga, Mysore, India. But that wasn't the end of it, because a little later she added VIPASSANA meditation retreats and a master course in “Mindfulness in education, consulting and health care”. A real natural talent, that's our LOLA.

Naturally we also want to let LOLA the master yogini tell you about herself: “My passion is to dive into yoga practice with others in a common flow. So I use asanas and elements combined with a special breathing technique from Ashtang Vinyasa yoga. In this way, we gain more flexibility, mobility and muscle strength. Body and spirit are strengthened, purified and relaxed on all levels. Let's stretch body, mind and soul!"

gretl and fox ... or vice versa?


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The “fuchs und gretl” – a bed and breakfast like no other!! is located in the heart of Saalbach Hinterglemm. The top location unites the beautiful mountain panorama and short path to the centre, to the lifts, to the bike trails and to the casual offerings on the mountain. There are parking spots right on the doorstep – front row, so to speak.

Maybe you opt for coming without your car? SUSTAINABILITY is a topic we LIVE for, and so we reward YOU for sustainable behaviour too, but you'll find more HERE.

Fuchs Gang
der fuchs und die gang der fuchsbau das fuchshaus fuchs und gretl
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der fuchs und die gang

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der fuchsbau

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das fuchshaus

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fuchs und gretl

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